Kevin Bate is a seasoned local geologist who created South Wales GeoTours to provide GeoTourism services to world-class outcrops of Carboniferous, Triassic and Jurassic rocks in South Wales to tourists, amateur geologists and school parties alike.

The services provided by South Wales GeoTours are geared to Tourism and Education both of which encompass information-sharing and the promotion of the beautiful South Wales coastline.

If you are visiting South Wales and you have an interest in geology or you simply want to learn more about how the landscape of the South Wales coastline was formed, South Wales GeoTours can provide an enjoyable explanation of the geological history of the area.

A recent addition to the services include assisting schools in delivery of GCSE and A-Level Earth Science courses. If you are a teacher at a school or sixth form college and need assistance in organising field trips for your pupils I can guide you to outcrops in the area that help you deliver your courses.

Area of Operation of South Wales GeoTours

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