Clothing & Equipment


All outcrops to be visited are located on rocky coastlines and will require walking along loose rocks and fallen blocks to access the exposures. Some of the outcrops will require walking down and back up cliff-side pathways.

Therefore it is a requirement on all trips provided by South Wales GeoTours that sturdy footwear providing good ankle support are to be worn by all attendees. Other items of footwear such as trainers and flip-flops are not permissible and you will not be admitted to the trip.


Close attention to the weather forecasts for the day of your trip regarding the clothing you should wear is the responsibility of individual participants. As the weather can change in a short period of time it is recommended to wear or, at least have access to, a rain-proof jacket to keep you warm & dry.

Jeans or outdoor-wear trousers are suitable for the lower half of your body; if the weather forecast indicates a warm day shorts and T-shirts can be worn.

Sunscreen and a sun-hat will be required when the weather is dry and hot. Conversely a warm hat and gloves will help when the weather is cooler.

Safety items

Hi-Viz waistcoats will be provided to participants to wear to aid identification. These items must be worn at all times when at or walking to outcrops.

Water and or other drinks should be carried with you to avoid dehydration which is prevalent when spending prolonged times on the exposed coast.

Equipment and Accessories

A small rucksack is highly recommended in which you can carry a jacket, bottles of water and snacks. Should you wish a small notebook and pen/pencil can be brought along with which to make notes.

Walking aids/walking sticks can utilised if so desired but are not absolutely necessary.

Typical clothing & footwear for field trips (Photo: South Wales GeoTours)

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