Field Trip Guide

Groups of between 2 to 8 people are guided to a number of localities at which a range of differing rock types are exposed across a geographical area of 20 miles along the Heritage Coast of South Wales. All outcrops comprise cliff faces, some of which are unstable. Access to locations is dependant upon timing of the tides which in turn impacts on the time of day that the excursions will begin and end.

Participants meet at a defined location (usually a car park near to the first locality) prior to a safety briefing held by the excursion Leader. This is followed by an overview presentation to introduce participants to the geological history of South Wales including such aspects as the Plate Tectonic configuration of Wales through time and how this has influenced the geology.

Leading in Oman (Photo: South Wales GeoTours)

Generally a short walk, sometimes including a walk down a cliff path, is required to the first locality. The Leader then makes a second overview presentation covering the geology exposed at this specific location. This will cover aspects such as the climate at the time of formation of the rocks in question and how this controlled the sedimentology, structure and biota of the rocks. Active dialogue between participants and the Leader is essential to a successful experience – questions are actively encouraged.

Leading in Oman (Photo: South Wales GeoTours)

Following a return to the car park participants utilise their own vehicle to drive to the next defined locality and once all participants have safely arrived the party move to the second outcrop and a further overview presentation of the second outcrop will be made and group discussions follow. Given the timing of the tides the aim is to visit enough localities (between 3 and 5) for the participants to see all the ages and types of rock present in South Wales.

Highlighting Dinosaur footprints (Photo: South Wales GeoTours)

Lunchtime can be catered for in one of two ways depending on participants desire; either you can bring a packed lunch with time out taken at a scenic location to eat your lunch or, if the group wishes lunch can be enjoyed at a local pub (for participants own account). It is further recommended to bring fluids to the field as dehydration is an issue when exposed at the coast.

The aim is to have an enjoyable and informative day out in the open air in a beautiful landscape and for you to leave thinking that the excursion and day-trip was worthwhile.

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