Risk Asessments

A hazard risk assessment has been prepared for each the localities to be visited.

A critique of the topography of the localities has been performed to identify and list the aspects of the terrain and natural environment that could provide risk to the health and wellbeing of participants. Mitigating actions are recommended.

Hazards related to the accessibility of outcrops, stability of the ground leading to and at the outcrops, potential trip and fall points, accessibility in relation to tides etc etc have been assessed. Phone signal is available at all locations to be visited.

The primary hazards have been identified together with associated mitigating actions can be summarised as follows:

  • Unstable Cliffs– many of the cliffs along the Heritage Coast are liable to rock falls, more especially where the cliffs are formed of Lower Jurassic rocks. At no point should participants stand directly underneath a cliff face

Rock Fall, Heritage Coast (photo: South Wales GeoTours)

  • Unstable substrate– many of the beaches are comprised of loose cobbles and boulders that are unstable when dry and are even more slippery when wet or have a covering of seaweed. All participants must wear strong boots that provide good ankle support. Hiking poles (if available) would be advantageous

Unstable substrate typical of many locations (Photo: South Wales GeoTours)

Other hazards include walking up & down slopesmuddy pathways and traffic.

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